Treatment of alcoholism and addictions – Nasz Gabinet Clinic

Trust the professionals and say STOP to the alcohol

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    About us

    We are the biggest network of alcohol addiction clinics in Poland.

    We help hundreds of patients every month. Thanks to our support alcoholics recover and stay in sobriety.


    Our team

    We are the professional team of doctors, consultants and nurses who know the needs of alcoholics patients.

    We have built our experience in the narrow specialization of alcohol addiction for years. Thanks to that our patients effectively solve their problem.
    We can win this fight together!

    Effective Treatment for Addictions

    Nasz Gabinet is a professional rehabilitation center offering addiction and alcoholic treatments. Our clinic has been present in the biggest Polish cities for many years. We do our best to provide the highest standard of our services, regardless of the location. Since the very beginning we have been trying to provide the best quality medical care and addiction treatments.

    Alcohol rehabilitation and supporting our patients on their way to recovery are our major goals. Nasz Gabinet Clinics work with qualified specialists showing off the long years of relevant experience. With the help of such professional staff you can overcome your alcohol problem faster, more effectively and safely. Our priority is to take care of the safety and health condition of our patients.

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