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    Implantation of Esperal

    Implantation of Esperal is a subcutaneous medicine application. The popular term of “alcohol insert” owes its effectiveness to forcing the abstinence. Medicine is available in the form of pills. Their dosage is decided by the doctor.

    Implementation of Esperal – General Information:

    • application of alcohol insert is safe and painless,
    • the treatment is implemented by qualified and experienced doctors,
    • we use anesthetic that works also after the surgery.

    When looking for an effective method for abstinence, it’s worth to consider Esperal. This kind of treatment available in the form of an insert is an important part of pharmacological aversion therapy that already found many supporters. It brings excellent results and effectively forces abstinence. The key point of this therapy is an active substance contained in Esperal. Its curation is based on creating barriers in patient’s subconscious and building his aversion to alcohol. Alcohol insert is also an efficient therapy, as once applied works for the period of one year.

    We offer two versions of the treatment: standard and vip.

    Esperal Standard:

    Alcoholism treatments using Esperal in the form of an insert are appreciated for their efficiency. The duration of this medicine after application reaches the period of one year. Esperal Standard means:

    • standard materials,
    • traditional, insoluble stitches,
    • obligatory medical consultations,
    • obligatory stitches removal.

    Presented version of the treatment is the most efficient solution for alcohol addiction. Thankfully to Esperal Standard, the chances for the patient to overcome alcoholism and starting new life without addiction are increased.

    Esperal – VIP:

    Our VIP version of Esperal curation is dedicated to patients expecting the highest standard. We guarantee the best quality medical care meeting high European standards and placing the patient’s health as the priority. Esperal VIP means:

    • antibiotic injection (to minimalize the risk of bacterial infection)
    • soluble stitches,
    • no obligatory medical consultations,
    • the biggest comfort for the patient.

    Alcoholism treatment doesn’t need to be exhausting. Our clinic implements the best quality solutions for alcoholism in Poland.

    Esperal – General Information

    Esperal is an active substance that combined with alcohol has toxic, negative impact on human body. Depending on the amount of consumed alcohol, it may lead to blindness, confusion, irreversible damage to liver and heart functioning or even to death.

    The medicine gets activated only in the combination with alcohol – it doesn’t work applied with other medicines and doesn’t cause any side effects. Esperal is being implanted with local anesthetic applied deeply into the muscles.

    The approximate duration of the surgery is 30 minutes. Shortly after it’s completed, the patient is able to work and to take physical activities. 7 days after the surgery there remains only a small scar. The short, single action brings the effect durable for the next 12 months.

    All of our patients can get advice and profit from phone consultations.

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